The Tool Belt Killer is an action/horror film written, directed, and produced by Trent L. Strauss.

Described by Strauss as "Phantom of the Opera meets Norma Rae, but with way more impalings and beheadings," the film was completed in 2006, shortly before Strauss' death.

Its protagonist, Brian, is a employee of a Lowe's home improvement store who is ostracized by his impoverished community for belonging to its wealthiest family. Maimed in an accident, Brian becomes "Belty," a disfigured ghoul who haunts the aisles of the Lowe's by night.

"Belty" takes his revenge on the hostile community by luring customers with false coupons, then killing them. He meanwhile starts a relationship with Monica, the woman he loved since before his accident, until she announces her family is leaving town. Belty retaliates by luring Monica's family to the store, and later feeds the face of Monica's father to her in an omelette. A fight scene ensues through every department of the store, with Belty nearly becoming liquefied in a garbage disposal until he rescues himself by summoning Viking spirits.

The film's tagline was "Let Him Help You Die."