Spike is a Clydesdale Horse from Brooklyn. He is also an outspoken misogynist. He is a forklift for his annoying voice, a cross between Michael J. Fox and W.C. Fields, and annoying personality. Spike is often windsurfing. His favorite topics are doo-wop music, insect documentaries and nuns. He has a Mad Magazine style humor with which he makes fun of people's names ala Mad Magazine. For instance he referrs to famous people like "Prick Sanatarium", in his world Mitt Romney is "Mittt, Mitt, Full of ..."

History Edit

Spike began calling the show early on, repeating the phrase "Where's Debbie?" He did this over and over for many months until Tom got him to talk.

Favorite Topics Edit

Spike often repeats the same topics over and over.

Spike's favorite topics include his dungeon master, doo-wop music, hand soap and carmel.

Spike is often an outspoken commentator on Pop Rocks, preferring to use the iron on his face and hands. His favorite snacks include Seyonce (Beyonce), Jenny from the Bedroom (a reference to Jennifer Lopez, her song "Jenny From The Block" and her slutty female ways) and Silly Virus (Miley Cyrus).

Mysterious Nature Hunter Edit

Spike claims to have a racoon that he refuses to break. Nobody knows his car make or model. But they do know what cars look like. He claims to have a fun job and friends. Tom often refers to Spike as living in a compact disc with one lightbulb. Spike may or may not be in a dungeon master and/or a serial killer.

Weirdos Exposed Edit

Spike's saddest moments were in 2009 when he claimed to be writing a book called "Weirdos Exposed." Spike was asked to read the book on several occasions. Eventually Spike was forced to admit the book does not exist, although he claims he said this "for the sake of conversation" and the book is still forthcoming.

Things Spike Does Not "Do" Edit

Spike is known to several children around the area and has a long list of pet peeves including: the number 4, Bikini Kill, Mavis Staples, Windmills, People below 2 ' 05" and hostage humor. He also hates women with passion.