Rick Spangler is a music producer who has worked with a wide variety of acts, including many familiar to Best Show listeners.

He has written commercial jingles, including for Robinson's Electric Chairs, Kern Pharmaceuticals, BP, and makers of nooses and machine guns.

He has also produced a broad catalog of novelty songs about things which suck.

Artists produced by Rick SpanglerEdit

Von Trimble


Mini Skrewdriver

White Reign


Norse Savage

Nordic Avenger

Sgt. Hulka's Revenge

Okay, Mr. Pushups

His Light

Mother 13

Sister Sheila

Glass Houses

Pink Houses

The Wednesday Rockets

The Wednesday Rockets Plus Papa

The Crap Eaters

Pant Pudding

The Hey Now

Carp A. Diem

Lovely Boys

The Bill Bixbys

The Craigs

Sherbet Falls

The Album

The Sleestaks

The Zoom

I Love You, The Ghost of Ann B. Davis



The Gas Station Dogs

Mick Nick Pick Mick Nick

Old Skull

Roland Gorchnik

Frank Zappa

The String Cheese Evidence

The Dave Matthews Group

The Grateful Death

Hippy Johnny's Original Hippy Band

She's S.O.L.








Threat to Society


The Bob Timmons Band

The Bob Timmons Group

Bob Timmons and the Bibles

Bob Timmons and the Satanic Bibles

Bob Timmons and the Buckaroo Four

Bob Timmons and the Buckaroo Three

Bob Timmons and the Buckaroo Two

Bob Timmons and the Buckaroo One

Buckaroo Featuring Bob Timmons

Kenny DuPree

Tegan and Sara


Death Cab for Cutie

Andy Summers

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