Andrew Earles is a writer and former contributor to The Best Show on WFMU. He made his debut in studio on May 8, 2001 as Giles Palermo, a record collector. He continued to portray characters over the next 5 years, mostly over the phone. Recurring characters included Kevin, a dirtbag and childhood friend of Tom's younger brother, Roger Tamblyn, a manager/producer/promoter of many unsuccessful and obscure bands from England and Skag Winesack, a hard boiled detective. Earles was later interviewed over the phone by Tom on December 21, 2010, regarding his Hüsker Dü book.

Earles formerly wrote and published the zine Cimarron Weekend, which is how Tom Scharpling first got in touch with him. With Jeff Jensen, he formed the prank call comedy duo Earles and Jensen who released an album, Just Farr a Laugh: The Greatest Prank Phone Calls Ever! in 2002, later re-released as an expanded 2 disc release by Matador Records in 2008.