The 2008 Mayubernatorial election of Newbridge, NJ was a contest to find the new mayor of Newbridge. The winner was Philly Boy Roy. This election is held every 10 years, though this was the first to be voted on the internet. The final candidates were Philly Boy Roy and AP Mike. Other candidates included Bryce, Bob, Tor Halversom, Glenn Danzig, Timmy Von Trimble, Thor, Tank, Zachary Brimstead, Chief Roy Ploppleton, Hammerhead, Marky Ramone, Pudge Palfner, Bishop Pablo Fontana, Kurt Gaistburn, Horse, Darren Ploppleton, Sleepy Jeff, Gene Simmons, Ronald Thomas Clontle, Merle Allin, Danny Bonaduce and Paul F. Tompkins.

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